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FAQ (Häufig gestellte Fragen)

Wir hoffen, unsere Website vermittelt Ihnen einen guten Eindruck über das Erlebnis, das Sie mit einem Wildwind-Segelurlaub haben werden. Vielleicht haben Sie aber trotzdem noch Fragen. Die folgenden FAQ sollten die meisten davon beantworten können. Da diese Informationen regelmäßig aktualisiert werden, können wir unsere FAQ leider nur auf Englisch anbieten. Wir möchten uns für Unannehmlichkeiten, die Ihnen dadurch entstehen könnten, entschuldigen. Wenn Sie Probleme beim Lesen der FAQ auf Englisch haben oder wenn Sie irgendeine andere Frage haben, rufen Sie uns bitte an.

Wir sind ein kleines Unternehmen und wir sind stolz auf unseren persönlichen Service. Sie können Klaus Gerasch, unseren Vertreter in Austria unter +43 72 011 5854, anrufen oder ihm eine E-Mail an klaus@wildwind.at.

Flights and travel

How far is the hotel from the airport?

Your hotel and the Wildwind Sailing centre is approximately 75 minutes from the airport. Please discuss your preferred means of transfer with your agent who can organize a taxi transfer or a hire car for the duration of your stay.

What should I do about Travel Insurance?

It is a requirement of our Booking Conditions that you take out adequate travel insurance prior to travel. If you are a UK resident and have taken out the specialist tours & activities insurance arranged by our insurance brokers N J Heritage Partnership, this does cover for all the sporting activities we offer, for injury to yourself and third party liability in case of injury to other persons whilst doing the sport. (Accidental damage to our sailing equipment is covered by the damage/waiver payable where full sailing courses have been booked - however negligent damage is not covered and will be charged for locally).

If you have taken out a different insurance cover, either as a single trip or annual multi trip please ensure it covers for your relevant sports & activities. We are aware of many instances where insurers only partly cover the necessary requirements e.g. they will cover for injury to the insured but not the third party liability. We would remind you that for those on our Sailing courses in particular your insurance MUST provide cover for injury to yourself & third party liability in case of injury to others, whilst participating in any of the sports & activities we offer, as well as the usual cover travel insurance provides. Third Party Liability cover is particularly important for our Sailing or Active Adventures programme. Third Party Liability cover is less relevant to Healthy Options clients unless you are considering booking more watersports orientated activities locally.

We cannot stress the importance of taking out adequate insurance cover for our activity holidays and we are now checking with all clients on arrival that they have such cover - failure to provide evidence of this may mean sitting on the beach and not sailing or partaking in any of our other activities for the WHOLE of the holiday. If you have arranged your own travel insurance you will need to take a copy of your insurance document with you on holiday and highlight the relevant clause showing that cover for the relevant sporting activities is included, particularly the third party liability cover. If you have not already taken out travel insurance we recommend you do so immediately The Specialist Tours & Activities insurance is £27 1 wk £30 2 wks per person & for families £65 1 wk £75 2 wks Call our office if you wish to book this 0844 499 2909


Is there Wi-Fi in the resort?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in public areas and it is free of charge.